Play The Great American Foodscape

"The Great American Foodscape"

A projection mapped video walk-through experience hosted by the USA Pavilion-Expo Milano 2015

Produced for ThincDesign by UVPH

This VFX breakdown highlights all of the work that was put into designing, and creating the Great American Foodscape. It has been the most challenging yet the most interesting project I've ever orchestrated within UVPH. Thanks to all the talented people involved!

Full Credit list

3 minutes, 55 seconds.

Play Simply Business

"Simply Business"

Commercial for Simply Business: UK Business insurance

Produced for PI&C by UVPH

A unique animated approach to represent the individual frustrations and the needs of UK’s small-business owners. The piece’s playful style was created with an interesting mix of Live-action and 3D, along with hand drawn animated flourishes.

1 minute, 30 seconds.

Play Revolution 19

"Revolution 19"

Book Trailer /Produced for HarperCollins by UVPH

Shot on ALEXA / DP: Brian O'Carroll

his project was a cinematic promotional video for the Young Adult title 'Revolution 19' by Gregg Rosenblum. The trailer was based on the book’s story and a popular topic “Man vs Machine” in near future. This was a perfect topic to create a symbiotic combination between Live-action and 3D.

1 minute, 20 seconds.

Play SyFy Delta

"SyFy Delta"

SyFy Network/Delta Faucet Cross-Promotion/Produced by UVPH

This was a commercial spot to show off the innovative design for the latest Delta Faucet mixed with the branded SyFy aesthetic.

30 seconds.

Play Dembei


Commercial for Kojiya Dembei

Shot on Phantom up to 900 frames per second.

This is an innovative spot that exists in a dream-like fantasy state. It is about capturing the beauty and grace of the moment. Every movement is precise, detailed, and well-crafted, which is how we wanted our audience to view this popular Japanese spirit drink.

30 seconds.

Play Vantan

"Design is Borderless"

Commercial for Vantan School of Design

Shot on RED using K2 Motion Control Dolly.

Promotional video that connects the various programs within the school using a series of visual cues. We achieved this effect by shooting with the K2 motion control system that allows for easy on-location shooting. In post-production, we were able to "stitch" the scenes together, in order to stay with the motif that design is "borderless".

1 minute, 30 seconds.

Play Ramune

"Feel Like Floating"

Commercial for Ramune

Dreamy spot for Ramune soft drink that is about the nature of bubbles, and the feeling of weightlessness. We created an ethereal, dream-like feeling, in which our characters float peacefully, looking completely relaxed and refreshed.

30 seconds.

Play V2 vodka


Commercial for V2 Vodka

Young. Energetic. Hip. V2 Vodka is targeted for a young club-going audience, with an emphasis placed on the vitality (not to mention taurine) that this vodka infuses into your body.

1 minute, 30 seconds.

Play Americas Now on CCTV

"Americas Now"

Network Promo /Produced for CCTV America by UVPH

America’s Now is a weekly TV magazine produced by CCTV America with a special focus on Central and South America. The concept was to represent the flavor of the countries via the visual language of old travel posters.

30 seconds.

Play ARISE Sizzle

"Arise Network"

Network sizzle for a global news channel dedicated to offering diverse perspectives with a strong focus on Africa /Produced for ARISE by UVPH

Presented above is a small sampling of animated designs created for an entire channel brand and international launch of Arise News; a 24-hour international television news channel reporting on major global news.

4 minutes, 00 seconds.

Play Heaven & Earth


Commercial for Heaven & Earth (Cherry Blossom Tea)

The premise of this spot revolves around the uplifting and naturally refreshing feeling that Heaven & Earth Tea gives you.

30 seconds.

Play Dana Lee

"2008 Fall/Winter Collection"

Promotional Video for Fashion Designer, Dana Lee

Shot on the Phantom at 1000 frames per second.

Abstract, visceral piece that shows off Dana Lee’s fashion collection in a fun and interesting way.

4 minutes, 15 seconds.

Play NYSE LinkedIn


Commercial for NYSE

Live-action footage of the NYSE building, combined with CG & Design to simulate the spectacle of a live-projection event.

15 seconds.



Commercial for NYSE

Live-action footage, CG & Design for another NYSE affiliate.

15 seconds.

Play Future of Farming

"The Future of Farming" /Produced for SyFy by UVPH

A segment of the “Great American Foodscape” featured in USA Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 /Produced for Thinc Design by UVPH

This video offers an inspirational glimpse into near future of farming and a fresh perspective on how the urban landscape is utilized for sustainable harvest and export of organic produce. Aerial footage of the Brooklyn Navy Yards was captured using drones which was later 3D tracked and virtually staged.

1 minute, 22 seconds.

Play SyFy Sonic

"SyFy Summer of Sonic"

SyFy Network/Sonic Cross-Promotion /Produced for SyFy by UVPH

This project was an animated seasonal promotion for Sonic refreshing drinks mixed with the branded SyFy aesthetic.

25 seconds.

Play Real Fear

"Real Fear"

Ten second promos for a paranormal investigative program. Produced for ChillerTV by UVPH. Shot on a BlackMagic 4K

Utilizing In-Camera VFX the Old Fashioned (But Awesome) Way, we created two short promo-spots for Syfy/Chiller TV's newest show: Real Fear.

2 x 10 seconds.

Play Joe Rogan

"Joe rogan Questions Everything"

Show open /Produced for SyFy by UVPH

This was a fully animated open for SyFy’s original series “Joe Rogan Questions Everything; a show that investigates the paranormal and extraordinary subjects.

15 seconds.

Play Full Frame

"Full Frame"

Show Open /Produced for CCTV America by UVPH

Full Frame is a weekly current affairs and culture magazine show focused on human-interest story telling, cultural dialogue and creativity.

15 seconds.

Play Droid

"Droid Eye"

Start up animation for Verizon DROID tablet

A blend of live action plates shot on RED, CG particles and graphics

A cosmic burst initiated by the droid logo catapults the viewer into the center of the infrormational universe engulfed by the infamous Droid eye.

15 seconds.

Play Kirin


Commercial for Kirin


Slightly absurdist and quirky spot detailing the luring nature of this popular Japanese beer.

30 seconds.

Play Jeep Treo


Commercial for Jeep Treo

3D Animation

Super-modern and futuristic look at this high-concept vehicle from Jeep.

30 seconds.