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Logo & Font Design

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AT&T Network

View Stars On Ice 2016 Tour

The bold new look for the "Stars On Ice" 2016 Tour was developed and produced while at WME|IMG under creative guidance from Doug Scott and Chris Stern

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"NYSE" Projections

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"Blue bloods" Title sequence



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HBO Summer Promo

View Americas Now on CCTV

"Americas Now" A weekly TV magazine produced by CCTV America with a special focus on Central and South America


"Arise News" A global news channel dedicated to offering diverse perspectives

View ARISE 360

"Arise 360" An entertainment-based station which features fashion, music, films and sports

View The Future Of Farming

"The Future of Farming" Food security and nutrition will be featured prominently as part of the USA Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015

View Aljazeera World

"Al Jazeera World" International 24-hour English-language news and current affairs channel

View Aljazeera America

"Al Jazeera America" Cable news television channel

View Al Riyadiah Sports

"Al Riyadiah" A sole carrier of sport broadcasts in Saudi Arabia

View Innovation Nation on Aljazeera America

"Innovation Nation" A series exploring how the latest scientific and technological discoveries are changing our lives

View Joe Rogan SyFy

"Joe Rogan Questions Everything" SyFy series investigating paranormal and extraordinary mysterious subjects

View Open Question

"Open Question" A weekly programme that examines and dissects global issues

View Verizon Droid

"Verizon Droid" XOOM tablet Boot screen animation

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“Culinary Beats” Entertainment web series demonstrating the perfect symbiosis between food and music

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"Fireflies" Mayo clinic's online health community

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"Spec Ops The Line" The journey trailer

View Verizon doid

"Verizon doid" Droid by motorola retail event

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"Whirlpool" Duet washer and dryer

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"Mocktails" Crystal light

View Full Frame on CCTV

"Full Frame" A weekly current affairs and culture magazine on CCTV America

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"Indecision2010" Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's midterm election report

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"Snow craft" Opening titles for Lukas Huffman film

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"ExxonMobil" titles

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"Al Madrigal Show" titles

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"This is Life with Lisa Ling" A CNN original documentary television series

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"FloorplanGRP" Identity for a full service creative agency with a focus on NYC real estate marketing

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